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      Volume 94

      Latest stories

      Welcome Back to (Almost) Normalcy


      >Life slowly returns to Osgoode Hall Law School. Photo credit: Rachel Weitz
      I’ll admit that after two years of attending almost-exclusively online zoom lectures, I did not have the greatest things to say about Osgoode Hall Law School. I was angry. I yearned to meet my fellow Section A classmates but had almost no opportunity to do so...

      The energy crisis in Europe


      n Europeans stay warm this winter without Nord Stream 1? Over the past few weeks, the staggering rate of inflation (which has been exacerbated by the energy crisis in Europe) has fuelled social unrest that has led to protests across the continent. Citizens are coming out in droves to protest the cost of living and to hopefully prompt their governments to act to ameliorate the situation before...

      Rocket Man on an irreversible path to self-destruction


      North Korea, the world’s most isolated, secretive, and ruthless communist regime, has passed a new law that not only declares itself as a nuclear state but effectively allows pre-emptive nuclear strikes. The brutal dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, resolutely announced that the nuclear status of his country was now “irreversible.” For dedes since the end of the Korean War, North Korea...

      Doug Ford’s new controversial Bill: Is this a solution to our health re crisis?


      If you live in Ontario, then undoubtedly you are aware of the issues that plague our health re system. When asked by a journalist about whether Doug Ford was looking into privatizing health re, he responded, “Everything is on the table.” He followed that up with a guarantee: “You will always be covered by OHIP, not the credit rd.” Is he following through with that promise? One n argue...

      Lululemon founder donates $100M to help protect nature in BC


      Something appears to be in the rarified air that billionaires breathe. Last week, it was announced that Patagonia’s founder and former owner, Yvon Chouninard, and his family are giving away ownership of the outdoor apparel company, to donate any profit not reinvested in the business to fight climate change. This week, at an event held in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, we have our very own nadian...

      Scientists playing the stock market expose fraudulent biotech company


      And may have saved billions of dollars in Alzheimer’s research funding Over the summer, a criminal investigation was opened against ssava Sciences Inc., a Biotech company accused of fabriting pre-clinil data and clinil trial results. Their problems began in 2021 when two scientists, David Bredt and Geoffrey Pitt, noticed inconsistencies in the published data surrounding the billion-dollar...

      Payment for a privilege


      Long ago, as a child, I was told that driving is a privilege, not a right. It makes sense, right? To ensure that only the most pable get behind a wheel, we hold prospective drivers to high standards. After all, being at least sixteen years old is a pretty high standard and does demonstrate that you would be ready to deal with all the stresses of the road. However, the idea that you are a driver...

      A guide for hopeful transfer students


      If you found your way here beuse you want to transfer law schools, I was in your position not too long ago. I knew from the first week at my original law school that I wanted to transfer back to a school closer to home, yet the pressure of not knowing what was required of me made me nervous. Would I be able to attain the grades needed to get accepted back home? How hard is law school, really...

      Edution: Is it really the great equalizer?


      My mother was sitting by the kitchen table wrapping all her pennies, nickels, and quarters in various coin wrappers. She had all the coins organized on her bed. I knew that when tomorrow me, we would be at the grocery store by the embarrassingly loud coin machine waiting for it to count her coins as I stand beside her feeling embarrassed and ashamed.  My mother was a strong-willed woman...

      An overdue eulogy for Greyhound nada


      I’ll be the first to admit that I’m late to the party. By now, the wreaths of rnations have dried, the mourners have drowned their sorrows with new ones, and the bus stations of nada have been repopulated with scrappy upstarts. The public transit I rely on to commute between Hamilton, Toronto, and Osgoode has gotten me thinking about an old—and sometimes reliable—friend. If it’s not too much...

      The need for greater judicial oversight on administrative decisions


      A post-Covid era has demonstrated that tribunals are, in fact, pable of expanding access to justice. However, it is important to note that the same regulatory agencies that claim to be more inclusive refused to conduct virtual hearings before the pandemic unless some extenuating circumstances would enforce otherwise. On the one hand, scholars studying administrative law argue that tribunals...

      Season one of Netflix’s The Sandman is a marvel


      A spoiler-free rant featuring my latest TV obsession: The Sandman is a dark, dreamy, and whimsil piece of storytelling, and Netflix needs to renew it right now. After the success of Good Omens’ debut season in 2019, it’s safe to say that The Sandman was on my immediate “to-watch” list, which, considering my general failure to keep up with what most people are streaming these days, is quite a...

      First look opinion: Netflix’s Partner Track—too close for comfort


      This is my first look (two episode) opinion of Netflix’s Partner Track. Some spoilers ahead. When Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho) graced my screen on the trailer for Netflix’s Partner Track, based on Helen Wan’s 2013 novel The Partner Track, my ears perked up and eyes widened. Of course, there have been numerous legal dramas centered around strong female leads such as The Good Wife and, more recently (and...

      The ethics of HBO’s The Rehearsal


      A masterclass in absurdity, The Rehearsal is Nathan For You on BALCO steroids, spoilers ahead There’s no denying the ubiquity of reality television at this point in time. Every conceivable industry or sphere of work has an accompanying documentary crew and dedited fanbase committed to turning regular people into celebrities. As someone who enjoys reality television fairly regularly despite its...

      A highly objective ranking of Netflix cooking shows


      This ranking is based on the sum of three scientific criteria, each scored on a five-point sle: Midterms are around the corner, so it’s time we start preparing our rotation of mindless television to procrastinate to. If you like cooking and food or reality TV, I’ve got you covered. I present to you my highly objective ranking of the best cooking and food shows on Netflix nada since 2020. 1...

      The only GOAT around: Serena Williams


      tennis Earlier this September, the sports and tennis world alike witnessed the last game of a true legend. The younger Williams’ sister announced her retirement earlier this summer and at her final performance on 2 September 2022, where she lost to Australia’s Ajla Tomljanovic in the US Open. Audiences around the world and at the court rarely noticed her losing the match but focused on losing a...

      Five storylines heading into the 2022-2023 NFL season


      Football is back and I could not be more excited. The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl last season, but 2021-2022 will probably be remembered for the Super Bowl halftime performance rather than any game. Here’s what I am keeping watch over this year.  AFC West Arms Race  My Denver Broncos are finally relevant again. The Broncos traded for star...

      Rob Manfred hates baseball


      Rob Manfred is the Tenth Commissioner of Baseball, specifilly Major League Baseball (MLB). He was appointed in 2015, well into the MLB’s continual popularity decline. The MLB’s audience is the oldest of the four major North Amerin sports leagues, with the average age well over fifty. Although MLB revenues have increased nearly thirty per cent – from $8.2 billion in 2015 to over $10.7 billion...

      Nathan Miy mulls over the “Industry” of scoring


      Industry begins with Harper, a raw Amerin upstart from a non-target school, interviewing for a coveted placement at Pierpoint & Co. an investment bank where she is taken under the wing of Eric, a grizzled veteran who appreciates her bravado and glibly justifies the hurdles inherent to keeping her around, saying “every successful business is full of people who spent money nurturing...

      Osgoode Students Draft Open Letter


      A collective of concerned students lets their voices be heard on the matter of our return to mpus Editor’s Note: This letter was drafted collectively by members of the Osgoode Hall Law Union, Disability Collective of Osgoode, and the Osgoode Mature Students Association.  We are a collective of Osgoode Hall Law School students with signifint concerns about York University and Osgoode’s...

      NASA vs SpaceX: Deploying the world’s most advanced broadband internet system


      In a letter to the Federal Communitions Commission (FCC), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently raised concern over Space Exploration Holdings, LLC’s (SpaceX) Starlink satellites, which hold the promise of providing low-latency, high-speed broadband internet across the globe.  The Amerin space agency highlighted their concerns over SpaceX’s mega-constellation...

      What climate change means for the future of the Winter Olympics


      There are a lot of things about the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics which are quite unique. The strict quarantine regime, the cozying up of Putin and Xi, the absence of foreign diplomats,  and oh, the fact that none of the snow on the hills fell from the sky. All the snow that covers the ski and snowboarding venues at the Winter Olympics was made from water from reservoirs that supply about 400...

      Is My Fandom My Personality?


      The relationship a sports fan has with their team of choice is a sacred bond that words nnot adequately describe. It’s what drives someone to paint their face, dye their beard, or 3D print an entire Mandalorian suit and paint it in their team’s colours in order to wear it to each game. Oftentimes, for many, their mood n depend on whether their team emerged victorious, the elation of a win...

      Some tears for good measure


      There are three words I absolutely despise saying: I am sorry. See, remorse is funny. It’s the precursor to redemption and a byproduct of doing the wrong thing. Yet, we all feel remorse while simultaneously avoiding those two magic words. We let remorse fester and eat us up while we turn blue in the face, unable to blurt out those healing syllables. All too often, we just say “I’m sorry” not to...

      The top five Super Bowl 2022 commercials


      On Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in Super Bowl LVI, my favourite sports event of the year. Why is it my favourite, you ask? Beuse of everything unrelated to the game itself that comes with it.  First of all, Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ) ught the first touchdown of the game at betting odds of +800, so Drake shed his $600,000 bet. The rumour is that he...

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